Ava Communication Industries, having more than fifteen years of experience and relying on the knowledge and skill of a highly motivated R&D team, is a knowledge-based privately-held company in Iran, leading in manufacture of state-of-the-art telecommunications technologies. The Company has designed and produced New-Generation Network-Based Hybrid Call Centers based on NGN and IMS architecture for the first time in Iran since 2002.

Ava Communications produces New-Generation Telecommunications Switches under the brand name of “AVA”, in two classes of “Enterprise” and “Carrier Grade”, from low capacities (several hundred ports) to high capacities (several million ports), as well as Access Gateway Equipment supporting a variety of media and standard protocols.

Relying on the capabilities of its research and development center, Ava has also manufactured the first IP Phone product that has been designed and made in Iran.

By Providing a wide range of solutions for the optimal use of telecommunications resources, integrating the communications for organizations with geographically distributed offices,  call center features and capabilities, support for a wide range of telecom protocols including various IP and TDM protocols, management reporting, and value added features such as virtual fax, voice mail, direct inwards system access and dozens of other features, Ava telecommunications equipment and contact centers have had a successful history in the development of the operation and quality of Iranian organization telecommunications.

Ava has been constantly improving the quality and scope of its products by implementing a variety of innovative solutions. Our latest products include Softswitch and Access Layer Equipment fully complying with SIP (RFC3261), H.248 (Megaco) as well as legacy protocols such as PRI, V5.2, SS7, etc. High scalability and flexibility of these equipment provide network integration solutions, customization and reduction in operation expenses.

Our latest solutions for the public telecom network are designed based on the IMS structure allowing for geographically distributed implementation, integrated management of the network and considerable reduction in total costs. This technology provides a variety of multimedia services, keeping pace with global telecommunication developments.

In line with its mission and objectives to keep up with the latest knowledge in today’s world, Ava Communications strives to encourage innovation throughout the company. Ava products have received many approvals and certificates of quality from national and international bodies.