Ava Communications (Private Joint Stock), as a leading producer of the new generation of telecommunication equipment in Iran, relying on the knowledge and capabilities of its qualified employees, aims at country's self- sufficiency, long-lasting development, conserving the national assets and taking part in exports. Through establishing and maintaining new systems of management, this company is determined to step in effective and consistent improvements in all fields and reach the following aims:

1. Improving the customer's satisfaction
2. Upgrading the quality of human resources
3. Presenting and developing the company's activities in the international fields
4. Continuous improving of quality management system
5. Systematic handling of customer’s complaints

By providing necessary resources, proper knowledge dissemination within the organization, observing the points made in this policy, using active cooperation of all employees, the management and employees of this company are committed to put into practice the aforementioned goals.
To ensure proper implementation of these policies, a representative of the management is appointed by the managing director. He shall ensure the fulfillment of the company’s objectives, effectiveness of the processes and proper implementation of instructions by means of periodic revision of new management systems, preparing reports and monitoring the effectiveness of the system.