Ava Communications Obtains Grade 1 Ranking of the Planning and Budget Organization's Informatics Companies Ranking System

In a recent assessment made by the Planning and Budget Organization of Iran on the informatics companies, Ava Communication Industries Co. received Grade 1 ranking in five main branches of  computer and telecommunications data networking, consultancy and supervision of informatics projects, training and research, production and information exchange security and software product and support; the company's public relations office reported.

Ava Communications won the national certificate of consumers' rights protection

6th Round of the Consumers' Rights Protection National Conference was held on Wednesday evening, Tuesday, March 7, 2017, at the presence of Minister of Industry, Fars Governor, a number of Parliament members and many Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, as 72 top companies advocating consumer rights were announced.

Ava Communication Industries in 16th Exhibition on Research & Technological Achievements and Technology Market

The 16th Exhibition of Accomplishments of Research, Technology and Iranian Market Technology was held on November 14-17, 2015 in Tehran.
More than five thousand technical products were showcased. Ava Communication Industries presented its latest technological knowledge-based achievements in the exhibition,

Ava Communication Industries Latest Achievements Unveiled

The new knowledge-based products of Ava Communication Industries Co. were unveiled in the presence of vice president of science and technology, Sourena Sattari, head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Ali Akbar Salehi, Minister of Science and Technology, Mohammad Farhadi , head of the Innovation and Development Fund, Dr. Behzad Soltani, and a group of senior officials at an official ceremony at Tehran's Islamic Summit Conference Hall on Tuesday, October 20, 2015.

The President Visits Ava Communication Industries’s latest Achievements

The first conference of the knowledge-based economy took place on Sunday, October 18, 2015 at Tehran's Islamic Summit Conference Hall, with the presence of the Iranian President, Dr. Hassan Rouhani, and a number of senior officials and many knowledge-based economy activists.

Ava Communications Attends the Second Meeting of ICT Players

The second meeting of ICT players was held on October 3, 2015 at Shaid Ghandi conference center, with the presence of Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Vaezi, Deputy Ministers of Communications, managers of Telecommunication Company of Iran, Mobile Communications Company of Iran (MCI), Telecom operators and representatives of the private sector, academic and research centers.

Ava Communications' Booth, One of the Highlights of Iran Telecom 2015

The 16th International Exhibition of Telecommunications, Information and IT Solutions (Iran Telecom 2015) was held from 26th September to the 29th September 2015 at  Tehran International Permanent Fairgrounds.

Iran Award for Management of Innovation and Technology Granted to Ava Communications Industries by Vice Presidents and Minister of Science

On Thursday, February 26, during the 3th Round of IRAMIT, held in IRB int'l Conference Center in the presence of vice presidents, Dr. Satari and Dr. Salehi, Minister of Science, Research and Technology, Dr. Farhadi and Deputy Ministers of Industry, Health, Defense and Science and a group of technologists and innovators, Ava Communications Industries succeeded to receive the National Award for Management of innovation and technology.

Ava Communications in Iranian Parliament’s Industries and Mines Commission

Coinciding with public meetings of Iran’s Parliament in the third week of November 2014, Minister of Economy and Finance, Ali Tayebnia and Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade, Mohammad Reza Nematzade attended the parliament to answer the questions asked by the representatives.

Ava Communications Awarded with National Certificate for Consumers Rights Protection

4th Round of the National Consumers' Rights Protection Symposium ended on Wednesday evening, February 25, 2015, announcing 61 manufacturing and service provision enterprises which observe the consumers’ rights. Focusing on customer satisfaction and building customer loyalty, the ceremony was held in the presence of Vice president of the Consumer Rights Protection Organization, Dr. Esfahani and a number of top managers and players of different industrial and service segments.

Ava Communications Celebrated as One of the Best in Fars Science and Technology Park

Coinciding with the celebration of the anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, in a ceremony attended by Dr. Seyyed Ahmed Fazelzadeh, Head of Fars Science and Technology Park, Dr.

Agreements between Ava Communications and Iran's National Elites Foundation for Elite Recruitment

In line with programs for nurturing and employment of elite and top talent in the country, an agreement made between Ava Communications and Iran's National Elites Foundation provides an opportunity for the employment of elite in different fields and subsets of the company after passing the interview and essential pre-employment checks.