Ava Communications Attends the Second Meeting of ICT Players

The second meeting of ICT players was held on October 3, 2015 at Shaid Ghandi conference center, with the presence of Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Vaezi, Deputy Ministers of Communications, managers of Telecommunication Company of Iran, Mobile Communications Company of Iran (MCI), Telecom operators and representatives of the private sector, academic and research centers.

In the meeting, aimed at stressing the importance and necessity of expansion of cooperation with private sector, the Ministry of Communications, Dr. Vaezi noted the public sector investment for infrastructure development as a prelude to increase private sector activities.

Deputy ministers and representatives of various organizations, including the Head of Communications Regulatory Authority of the I.R of Iran , Dr. AliasgharAmidian, Head of Iran’s Information Technology Organization, Mr. Jahangard and Vice-president of Telecommunication Infrastructure Company, Mohammadali Aryanian  addressed some solutions .They noted that ICT is key to reach development in all parts and emphasized the necessity of investment in technology development, providing more financial facilities to support ICT players and noticing investment opportunities.

Ava Communications’ CEO, Dr. Anooshiravan Merat in his speech  mentioned recent achievements in the field of knowledge-based production and development of the telecommunications industry and noted recommendations to increase the effectiveness of state support for knowledge-based industries in four areas.