Ava Communications, the only Iranian company proud of winning Pirooze Award, 1392, among all the candidates of the Festival of Technological Entrepreneurship

At the closing ceremony of the National Festival of Sheikh Bahai Technology Entrepreneurship, Ava Communications won the Trophy, cash prize and a scholarship at the Iranian Business School, after three days of judgment sessions. Before that, Ava Communications had also won the Festival and received a Golden Thanks Plaque and cash award in the group of grown technology entrepreneurs. The ceremony was held by the UN and attended by the Deputy Secretary-General of UNESCO.

Ava Communications accepted in Isfahan Science and Technology Park (Sheikh Bahai)

Two hundred and sixty-sixth admission session of Isfahan Science and Technology Park was held.
Public Relations of Isfahan Science and Technology Park reported that Ava Communications was admitted in the Isfahan science and technology park - Sheikh Bahai.

Bilateral cooperation agreement with the Technology Study Center of Sharif University

A bilateral cooperation agreement was signed between Ava Communications and the Technology Study Center of Sharif University. This agremment aims at using the abilities of both parties in the fields of science, research and education in the communication technology and upon which the parties shall proceed to develop research and education cooperation.

“Ava Communications" obtained the security certificate of "APA" laboratory

"APA" stands for awareness, protection and assistance representing types of activities and services in the field of software security, computer networks and systems provided in specialized laboratories. In these laboratories, computer activities, such as identifying  computer threats and vulnerabilities, assisting organizations when facing with security incidents, security assessment and penetration testing on computer networks and software systems, providing security schemes for computer networks and providing public and professional awareness and education and services are performed.

Ava Communications selected as the premier industry in the exhibition of “the role of elite in the knowledge-based industry”

The first exhibition of " the role of elite in the knowledge- based industry " was opened on Tuesday, January 8, 2013, in Shiraz Chamber of Commerce, attended by Mr. Ahmed Ali Afkari, Planning Deputy of Fars Governor, Mr. Sajadian, Chief of Police, Mr. Abdul hossein Nafian, management and human resources development deputy of Fares Governor, Dr. Khalafi nejad, chairman of the National Elite Organization, Dr. Fazelzadeh, chairman of Fars Science and Technology Park, Mr.

Ava Communications registered in the Vendor List of Iranian oil pipeline and Telecommunication Company

Engineering Office of construction development and goods resources of Oil Pipeline and Telecommunication Company visited the research and production parts of Ava Communications and issued necessary permits and licenses for registering this company in the vendor list of Iranian oil pipeline and Telecommunication Company.

"Ava Communications ", the only Iranian confirmed company in the call center and IP equipment manufacturer section of “Petrochemical Industries Development Management Co."

Using scientific methods, engineering department of the Petrochemical Industries Development Management Company attempts to identify, evaluate and rank manufactures and contractors in various fields and by continuous updating of their information, acts as a guide to employers to choose manufactures and contractors from a vendor list.

First place award of " the forth innovation and technology entrepreneurship Festival of Shahid Chamran was awarded to Ava Communications

This ceremony was held in science and technology Park of Tehran University in December 8, 2011, attended by Dr. Hamid Rashedi, head of the science and technology park, Mr. Mehdi Chamran, head of Tehran city council, Dr.

Ava Communications in the Information and Communication Technology Exhibition in Istanbul (CeBIT)

CeBIT International exhibition is more than just a trade show. Each year, this great exhibition brings together suppliers and users from different continents. It is a place for meetings of experts, experts and decision-makers in the field of IT, Telecommunications, Software & Services, Satellite Communications, Broadcasting, TV content and communication. Ava Communications, as the producer of new generation of telecommunication equipment, exposed its new products in this exhibition.

Ava Communications in International Exhibition of telecommunication Industries - 2012

Thirteenth Exhibition of telecommunication and information industries - Iran Telecom 2012 – was held in Tehran permanent international fair ground in the halls 6, 7, 8,9,10,11,12,13 and 27 in a space area of 26 thousand 500 square meters. 185 domestic companies and production units and 22 foreign companies from eight countries, exhibited their latest achievements in the field of communications, telecommunications and information technology for experts and enthusiasts. Countries such as Germany, England, Italy, China, Switzerland, Canada, South Korea and Poland participated in the exhibit.

Unveiling the new products of “Ava Communications” in " Eco "Telecommunication Ministers Meeting Exhibition

Echo "Telecommunication Ministers Meeting Exhibition, was held from November, eleventh to thirteenth, 2012 and attended by some powerful companies in IT technology. Ava Communications, as the producer of new generation telecommunication equipment in Iran, used this opportunity to introduce its products to Echo members.

Ava Communications selected as top production company in 2012

In a Ceremony attended by "Alexander Amadu" Representative of UNIDO Agency, Minister of Industry - Mining and Trade, Secretary of Labor - Cooperation and Welfare, Heads of Houses of Industry, Mine and Trade of Iranian Youth and the private sector, Ava Communications was selected and honored as one of the best production units of the country in 2012.